Contributing to Windup

Windup's source is available through Github.

Open Source License

Windup is open sourced under the Eclipse Public License v.1.0.

Enhancing Windup

We currently package a number of rules with Windup that aim to support you as you move between containers to JBoss. But we could always do more! Windup is not just a tool; it is a platform, and we hope with your help to continue to enhance the rules!

Unlike a lot of projects, Windup does not require programming to enhance the product! Windup contains XML based rules which generate the report, which you can add without even needing to recompile.

Get Involved!

Everyone can help! Remember, birds of a feature stick together. Maybe you are an expert in Weblogic or Websphere in a previous life and can answer some details & build some rules. Maybe you are an uber JBoss user and can support others who are migrating. Maybe you can just spread the word to others! Below are some ideas on how to get started.

Windup Team

Windup is sponsored by Red Hat, which employs the core contributors.

Project Lead:


And special thanks to the emeritus members of the project and all of our contributors: