1. Overview

Background on Windup, what it produces, and how it helps to migrate.

2. Reports

Runs Windup against a real application, and provides insight on reading the report.

Quick Guide: Running Windup

  1. Download Windup and unzip it to your favorite directory.
  2. On a command line, write the command to run Windup:
  3. Start with bin/windup with the --input parameter set to your source directory or application archive.
  4. Set --target to one of the supported target platforms to migrate to. Try --target eap.
  5. Use --sourceMode if analyzing source code rather than an application archive (deployment), like .ear or .war.
  6. You may use --packages com.myapp net.mycompany parameter to speed things up - Windup will only scan those packages.
  7. You may use --output /tmp/outputDir parameter to set where Windup will put the report. By default, it is next to the scanned application.
  8. Execute the command.
  9. View the report! The link to the report is at the end of the console output.

Example commands for Linux

    bin/windup --input samples/jee-example-app-1.0.0.ear --target eap
This will create a report next to the scanned archive:
    firefox samples/jee-example-app-1.0.0.ear.report/index.html
You will get the same report which you can see here in the Demo tab.