Introducing Windup!

Windup is a tool to simplify Java application migrations. The tool analyzes application artifacts (such as Java code, JSPs and XML) and produces an HTML report highlighting areas that require changes.

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What's Windup?

Windup is a tool to scan and report on your Java EE application. It's fast, free, and open source!

Who's It For?

Created to help developers estimate and carry out application migrations to JBoss. Don't worry, you'll love it.

Where Do I Begin?

It's simple. Run Windup against either your source or compiled archive. Then, just browse the report!

Windup Overview!

Got a few minutes? This video walks you through the Windup concepts. What is a classification? What are Story Points? How does Windup work? What are inline hints? This video answers all of these questions, and more!